Mac: how to show hidden files under Apple Mac operating system

There are many ways to display hidden files in MAC,

1. Terminal

The simplest is to enter commands on the MAC terminal.
Show hidden files (note space and case):

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true 


defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

Do not show hidden files:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool false 


defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

After input, click enter, then exit the terminal directly and restart finder.
Restart the finder: first force to exit the finder, and then restart the finder.

2. Shortcut key

    Press Shift + cmmand +. On the keyboard to hide the directory where the file is located, and then you can see that all the hidden files in the hidden folder with a small dot in front or the files with light blue are hidden files. In this way, you can view the hidden directory. To restore the hidden file, press Shift + cmmand +. Again to restore the hidden state of the file, as shown in Figure 2. The hidden file is no longer visible.

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