Windows 10 startup item repair an operating system was’t found solution

Recently, in the dual systems of deepin15 ( Ubuntu ) and windows10 , we encountered a series of problems when uninstalling deepin. The records are as follows:
after windows installs deepin system, the general boot item will change to deepin boot. After uninstalling, the boot item will disappear, and the system will not automatically restore win boot, resulting in failure to enter the system normally. Before deleting the partition of deepin, you can use the official uninstall instruction of deepin to guide me to use it. However, it is invalid, so I have to delete the partition by myself, and then use the USB flash disk to start and repair it.
(step 1-2) it needs to be made on another computer that can be used normally

    Download laomaotao or u start or Chinese cabbage. And install. Insert the U-disk and make it with one click. When finished, unplug the U-disk. Insert the USB flash disk into the computer that can't be started normally, and press F12 to select the option of USB flash disk. Enter (the name is usually the manufacturer of your USB flash disk). Select Windows 8 to start the new computer. Wait for normal entry. Open diskgenius, change the drive letter to the previous good state (generally starting from the U disk will change the initial drive letter), and use the boot repair software to automatically repair. Exit and restart.

If the win system can be started normally after 6, the following can be ignored. Otherwise, if an operating system wasn't found, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart. Then restart or repeat the above 3-5 (no 6). And follow the steps below

    after entering the PE system, click the windows logo in the lower left corner and find dism + + in the folder. Open the top column, find the partition where the system is located, and click to find the tool repair guide. Restart, that's it.

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