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[Solved] Unity Error: Deterministic compilation failed. You can disable Deterministic builds in Player Settings



Unity error: deterministic compilation failed You can disable deterministic builds in player settings
this error was encountered when opening the old version of the project with the new version of unity



1. Click Edit –> Project Settings

2. Click play –> Pull down to find Use Deterministic Compilation, then uncheck and restart unity

3. Done!

How to Solve Azkaban error (Reasons & Solutions)

Error 1: azkaban job Preparing
modify the configuration of web-server conf/
# execute host filter configuration, remove MinimumFreeMemory
# MinimumFreeMemory filter will check if the executor host will have more than 6G of free memory, if less than 6G, the web-server will not send the task to that host

Error 2: When the job is running,azkaban web Error: Free memory amount minus Xmx (2836204 – 0 kb) is less than low mem threshold (3145728 kb), memory request declined

[[email protected] executor]# vi ./plugins/jobtypes/
# set execute-as-user
memCheck.enabled=false  # add memory check is off, otherwise it will report error: less than 3G

[antdv: DatePicker] `value` provides invalidate moment time. If you want set empty value, use `null`

[antdv: DatePicker] `value` provides invalidate moment time. If you want set empty value,use `null`

Always encounter this problem

Normal use:

 <a-month-picker v-model="monthValue"  :allowClear="false" type="month" placeholder="选择月"></a-month-picker>

ant design vue datepicker needs the format of moment by default, so an error will be reported.

Solution: use following method to define the data:

 monthValue: moment(new Date(), 'YYYY-MM')

Sophus Library Issues (Reasons & Solutions)

This blog records the errors encountered in the process of using sophus.

1. Cannot find header file fatal error: sophus/SO3 HPP: no such file or directory

1.1 problem description

fatal error: sophus/so3.hpp: no such file or directory

GitHub is now a new version of sophus, which is based on the template class, and its corresponding header file is .h, while the header file corresponding to sophus based on non-template class is .hpp, so an error will be reported.

1.2 solutions

Put in the code

#include "sophus/so3.hpp"
#include "sophus/se3.hpp"

sophus::sophus SO3d;
sophus::sophus SE3d;

Change all to

#include "sophus/so3.h"
#include "sophus/se3.h"

sophus::sophus SO3;
sophus::sophus SE3;

2. /usr/bin/LD: not found - lsophus:: sophus

2.1 error reporting prompt

Compilation error

/usr/bin/ld: Could not find -lSophus::Sophus
/usr/bin/ld: Could not find -lSophus::Sophus
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

2.2 solutions

My original cmake:

target_link_libraries( useSophus ${Sophus_LIBRARIES} Sophus::Sophus)

Modify to

target_link_libraries( useSophus ${Sophus_LIBRARIES})

How to Solve MacOS ffmpeg killed Error

tags: MacOS Debug Tips


Recently, I wanted to download the live playback course in nailing with the tried and true method, but some errors suddenly appeared when executing ffmpeg on the command line:

[1]    40344 killed     ffmpeg



This problem can be solved by compiling and installing from the source code through the following command

brew tap homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg
brew install homebrew-ffmpeg/ffmpeg/ffmpeg

At this time, enter ffmpeg in the terminal to get:

❯ ffmpeg
ffmpeg version 5.0 Copyright (c) 2000-2022 the FFmpeg developers
  built with Apple clang version 13.1.6 (clang-1316.0.21.2)
  configuration: --prefix=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/ffmpeg/5.0-with-options_2 --enable-shared --cc=clang --host-cflags= --host-ldflags= --enable-gpl --enable-libaom --enable-libdav1d --enable-libmp3lame --enable-libopus --enable-libsnappy --enable-libtheora --enable-libvorbis --enable-libvpx --enable-libx264 --enable-libx265 --enable-libfontconfig --enable-libfreetype --enable-frei0r --enable-libass --enable-demuxer=dash --enable-opencl --enable-videotoolbox --enable-neon --disable-htmlpages
  libavutil      57. 17.100/57. 17.100
  libavcodec     59. 18.100/59. 18.100
  libavformat    59. 16.100/59. 16.100
  libavdevice    59.  4.100/59.  4.100
  libavfilter     8. 24.100/ 8. 24.100
  libswscale      6.  4.100/ 6.  4.100
  libswresample   4.  3.100/ 4.  3.100
  libpostproc    56.  3.100/56.  3.100
Hyper fast Audio and Video encoder
usage: ffmpeg [options] [[infile options] -i infile]... {[outfile options] outfile}...

How to Solve Gbase 8A Troubleshooting (rhel7 start CGroup error)

RHEL7 starts cgroup with an error Filed to start cgconfig.service:Unit not found.
Step 1
Check if the following installation packages are installed, if they are missing, please install them.


Step 2
Set up the cgroup service to start on boot after installation.

systemctl enable cgconfig.service

Step 3
Start the cgconfig service.

systemctl start cgconfig.service

[Solved] kubelet Startup Error: cannot find network namespace for the terminated container

1. Error reporting:

Use the journalctl – xefu kubelet command to view the kubelet log. The following errors are found:

cannot find network namespace for the terminated container

2. Solution:

# docker system prune

# systemctl restart kubelet

Instructions for using docker system:

# docker system -h

Flag shorthand -h has been deprecated, please use –help

Usage: docker system COMMAND

Manage Docker


df             Show docker disk usage

Check the usage of docker space.

events     Get real time events from the server

View live events.

info         Display system-wide information

View system information.

prune     Remove unused data

Docker cleans the stopped container, and there is no network, image and cache used by the container.