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How to Solve BFSVC Error: Could not open the BCD template store.

Specific errors are as follows:

BFSVC Error: Could not open the BCD template store.Status=[c000000f]

In Baidu know to answer the question, encounter a netizen Win10 computer into the system, prompt BCD error.
Reset the BCD, go to troubleshooter, advanced options, command prompt, execute:

bootrec /rebuildbcd

The result is no good, prompt system cannot find the specified path. (The problem cannot be restored later, so it cannot be tested)
Execute diskPart and know GPT mode from list disk. Sel disk 0, List Part. Sel Part 1, assign letter Z, assign letter Z, assign letter Z.
The most important step is to make sure the Windows directory is on drive C by switching to Drive C, dir/A. So execute:

bcdboot c:\windows /s z: /f uefi /l zh-cn

Status=[c000000f] BFSVC Error: Could not open the BCD template store.status =[c000000f]
In this case, you can follow it with/V to see the details. At that time, I thought there was a problem with the BCD-Template file.
Because the general system files, WinSXS have relevant backup, so execute:
CD C :\ Windows \ System32 \ Configren BCD-BAK, I can restore CD C :\ Windows \ Winsxscd * bcdTemplate * if necessary. This is the path I found by searching everything on my computer. Because the folder name is too long, I use the wildcard instead. copy bcd-template c:\windows\system32\config

This method may not work on some Win10, because winSXS bCD-Template may not be a registry file, win7 is a registry file, users can also win10 computer.
will not work, if you want to use the bcdboot command to fix it, you can only copy the bcd-template from the config directory on the same system computer to your own computer.

Net friend executes above command while, I also search relevant data on the net.
Some netizens said, bCD-Template is out of order, using SFC to repair, win10 tested SFC does not support to repair the file. Others said that they had the same problem and that they had mixed up \ and/or.
Seeing this, I went back to see the user executed the command, sure enough, “Bcdboot c:/ Windows…” “To” Bcdboot c:\ Windows…” Command executed successfully! After restarting, the system can enter normally.
So, you can’t take these punctuation marks lightly.

Android Error: Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred. events=0x9

Android. OS. DeadObjectException memory near r0: exception handling

08-15 14:39:32. 486: W/System. Err (1767) : an android. The OS. BinderProxy. Transact (Native Method)
486: I/ActivityManager(1767): Process (PID 25619) has died.
08-15 14:39:32.486: W/ActivityManager(1767): Force Removal ActivityRecord{42afefe8}: app died, no saved state
08-15 14:39:32. 486: W/WindowManager (1767) : the Force – o child Windows Window {441 d3f70 PopupWindow: 4299 edc8 paused = false} the from the container Window {42 ae1b88 com. My. Tes/com. My. Tes. MyCmge paused = false}
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : an android. The IWindow $$Proxy stubs. OffsetWindowForKeyguard (IWindow. Java: 471)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/InputDispatcher (1767) : channel ‘441 da238 com. My. Tes/com. My. Tes. MyCmge (server)’ ~ Consumer closed input channel or an error occurred. The events = 0 x9
08-15 14:39:32. 491: E/InputDispatcher (1767) : channel ‘441 da238 com. My. Tes/com. My. Tes. MyCmge (server)’ ~ channel is unrecoverably broken and will be disposed.
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server. Wm. WindowStateAnimator. DestroySurfaceLocked (WindowStateAnimator. Java: 803)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server. Wm. WindowState. RemoveLocked (WindowState. Java: 832)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server. Wm. WindowManagerService. RemoveWindowInnerLocked (WindowManagerService. Java: 2522)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server. Wm. WindowManagerService. RemoveWindowInnerLocked (WindowManagerService. Java: 2506)
491: D/Zygote(1550): Process 25619 by signal (11)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server. Wm. WindowManagerService. RemoveWindowLocked (WindowManagerService. Java: 2484)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at the android. Server wm. WindowState $DeathRecipient. BinderDied (WindowState. Java: 869)
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : an android. The OS. BinderProxy. SendDeathNotice (449) Binder. Java:
08-15 14:39:32. 491: W/System. Err (1767) : at dalvik. System. NativeStart. Run (Native Method)
491: I/AKMD2(1767): AK8975/B for Android end
08-15 14:39:32 491: D/AKMD2(1767): AKMD2: Compass Closed.
08-15 14:39:32.491: D/Sensors(1767): AKM :setDelay():handle 1, delay 20000000 ns.
08-15 14:39:32.496: D/AKMD2(1767): ACC_thread_main: update delay_MS to 66.

Since I was using someone else’s SDK, I could not change the source code, so I asked Daniel for help and used the following method to solve it easily

Android: hardwareAccelerated = “false”…
In the application tag to add a android: hardwareAccelerated = “false” (disable hardware acceleration)
So the problem was solved,
At the beginning, I added it to the corresponding activity tag. As a result, I found that it could run perfectly for the first time and this problem would occur again after a period of time.
To change the application, the android: hardwareAccelerated = “false” so good,

An error is reported when starting the Remote Access Connection Manager service


Remote Access Connection Manager failed to start because of the protocol engine [vpnike]. Initialization failed. The system could not find the specified device.

Finally it was found that some devices were missing and were created successfully with this command:
devcon.exe install c:\Windows\inf\netavpna.positive MS_AgileVpnMiniport

Flask Request an extension before_request after_request errorhandler

Contents of articles

1 before_first_Request: execute 2 before the first request after the project starts_ Request: execute 3 after before each request_ Request: after each request, the request will not be executed in case of exception. 4 errorhandler: you can customize the status code of the listening response and handle it: 5 teardown_ Request: a function is bound after each request, and will be executed even if an exception is encountered in ‘non debug’ mode. 6 template_ Global (): global template label 7 template_ Filter: global template filter

1 before_ first_ Request: the first request is executed after the project is started

def before_first_request():
    print('Executed on the first request')

2 before_ Request: executed before each request

def before_request():
    print('execute before each request')
    # return 'direct return' # If one writes a return return value, then the other before_request will not be executed and the view will not be executed.

be careful:

You can write more than one. If one has written the return value, then the others are before_ The request does not execute, nor does the view.

3 after_ Request: after each request, the request will not be executed in case of exception

def after_request(result):
    print('Execute after each request, requests with exceptions will not be executed')
    # The result is a wrapped response object that needs to be returned or else an error is reported
    return result

4 errorhandler: you can customize the status code of the listening response and process it

def errorhandler(error):
    print(error)  # is the specific error message
    return 'The 404 page ran to Mars'

def errorhandler(error):
    print('errorhandlererror message')
    return 'Server internal error 500'

5 teardown_ Request: a function is bound after each request, which will be executed even if an exception is encountered in non debug mode.

def terardown_reqquest(error):
    print('The view function will be executed after execution regardless of whether the view function has an error')
    print('debug cannot be True if you want this function to work')
    print('error is the specific error message')

6 template_ Global (): global template label

def add(a1, a2):
    return a1+a2
# {{add(1,2)}}

This can be used as a global label in the template. It can be called directly in the template


7 template_ Filter: global template filter

def add_filter(a1, a2, a3):
    return a1 + a2 + a3

This can be used as a global filter in the template. It can be called directly in the template. The calling method is the same as template_ The difference between global:



Global template tags and global template filters simplify the need to manually transfer a function to a template call


def test(a1,a2):
    return a1+a2
def index():
    return render_template('index.html',test=test)


# index.html


There is no getter for property named ‘id‘ in ‘class java.lang.Integer‘

Use mybatis to pass in parameters when the parameter type is string, integer, etc. If the if tag is used to determine whether the parameter is empty, there is no getter for property named ‘ID’ in ‘class java.lang.integer exception will be exploded.

1. Add @ param annotation to mapper interface parameters

List<User> selectUserById(@Param(value = "id") Integer id);

2、 It can be used when there is only one string or basic type parameter in your interface_ Parameter instead of parameter

<select id="selectUserById" resultType="com.zyq.entity.User" resultMap="userMap">
        SELECT * FROM t_user
            <if test="_parameter != null">
                AND id = #{id}

How to use C # to get image format without system. Drawing. Common

I wrote a blog to get the correct format of the picture. The code shown in the blog has been working well. Until today, when deploying the program to alicloud function computing, the following error occurred:

System.Drawing is not supported on this platform.

This shows that we can’t use GDI + related functions on the alicloud function computing server. Even so, we can still get the image format by reading the file header

   public static class ImageHelper
        public enum ImageFormat

        public static ImageFormat GetImageFormat(byte[] bytes)
            var bmp = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("BM"); // BMP
            var gif = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("GIF"); // GIF
            var png = new byte[] {137, 80, 78, 71}; // PNG
            var tiff = new byte[] {73, 73, 42}; // TIFF
            var tiff2 = new byte[] {77, 77, 42}; // TIFF
            var jpeg = new byte[] {255, 216, 255, 224}; // jpeg
            var jpeg2 = new byte[] {255, 216, 255, 225}; // jpeg canon

            if (bmp.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(bmp.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Bmp;

            if (gif.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(gif.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Gif;

            if (png.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(png.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Png;

            if (tiff.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(tiff.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Tiff;

            if (tiff2.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(tiff2.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Tiff;

            if (jpeg.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(jpeg.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Jpeg;

            if (jpeg2.SequenceEqual(bytes.Take(jpeg2.Length)))
                return ImageFormat.Jpeg;

            return ImageFormat.Unknown;

new  ImageHelper   You need a binary array as a parameter, but that doesn’t mean you need to read all the contents of the file into memory. Using the following code can get better running effect:

    var fn = @"D:\1.jpg";
    using (var fs = File.OpenRead(fn))
        var header = new byte[10];
        await fs.ReadAsync(header, 0, 10);
        var ext = ImageHelper.GetImageFormat(header);

Error in downloading update creation environment of CONDA: collecting package metadata (current_ repodata.json): failed

CONDA download updates are not available

There are the following problems

  environment variables:
                 CIO_TEST=<not set>
                CLASSPATH=.;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\lib
           CURL_CA_BUNDLE=<not set>
                          naconda\condabin;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\bin;"C:\Program
                          Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131\jre\bin;";F:\Xshell;C:\Program Files\Microsoft
                          DOWS\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0;C:\Program Files\IDM Computer
                          Solutions\UltraEdit;C:\Program Files\dotnet;F:\matlab\mat\runtime\win6
                          Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin;D:\opencv4\x64\vc16\bin;C:\Program
                          Files\python;C:\Program Files\python\Scripts;F:\_install\BtSoft\panel\
                          cal\Microsoft\WindowsApps;F:\idea\idea\IntelliJ IDEA
                          2019.3.3\bin;.;F:\pycharm\PyCharm 2019.3.3\bin;.;C:\Program
                          Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin;F:\pycharm\PyCharm Community Edition
             PSMODULEPATH=C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules;C:\WINDOWS\system32\Windows
       REQUESTS_CA_BUNDLE=<not set>
            SSL_CERT_FILE=<not set>
           UNRAR_LIB_PATH=C:\Program Files\python\Lib\site-packages\unrar\UnRAR.dll

     active environment : base
    active env location : F:\conda\anaconda
            shell level : 1
       user config file : C:\Users\Lenovo\.condarc
 populated config files : C:\Users\Lenovo\.condarc
          conda version : 4.10.1
    conda-build version : not installed
         python version :
       virtual packages : __win=0=0
       base environment : F:\conda\anaconda  (writable)
      conda av data dir : F:\conda\anaconda\etc\conda
  conda av metadata url :
           channel URLs :
          package cache : F:\conda\anaconda\pkgs
       envs directories : F:\conda\anaconda\envs
               platform : win-64
             user-agent : conda/4.10.1 requests/2.25.1 CPython/3.8.5 Windows/10 Windows/10.0.19041
          administrator : False
             netrc file : None
           offline mode : False

An unexpected error has occurred. Conda has prepared the above report.

If submitted, this report will be used by core maintainers to improve
future releases of conda.
Would you like conda to send this report to the core maintainers?

[y/N]: y
Upload did not complete.

Thank you for helping to improve conda.
Opt-in to always sending reports (and not see this message again)
by running


I’ve tried all the solutions to this problem on the Internet. I’ve also tried to change the source, uninstall and reload CONDA, but it’s not easy to use
finally! I found my network agent on!!! Just turn it off
you can check whether your network agent is on or off. Or refer to the great gods blog to set up a proxy, but I won’t, I just simply and rudely turn it off.

Report error when using microwave “must either be declared abstract” abstract method “getWXPayDomain()” in WXPayConfig

report errors:

Handler dispatch failed; nested exception is java.lang.AbstractMethodError:“must either be declared abstract   abstract method ‘getWXPayDomain()’ in ‘WXPayConfig

The payment can not work normally


You need to download the Java version of the SDK package officially, and then open the wxpayconfig file

Add a public to all the abstract methods, and then package and install them locally to solve the problem

After watching, Congratulations, I know a little more!!!

The more you know, the more you don’t know!  
~ Thank you for reading,   Your support is the biggest motivation for my study!   come on.  , Strangers work together and encourage each other!!

Note: if there is any improvement or mistake in this article, you are welcome to specify one or two~~





An error occurred when using Jasper + ireport to generate report file
cause: Jasper uses version 5.6, which corresponds to ireport 5.6, and then uses Tibco Jaspersoft studio-6.16.0 to edit and compile the template, resulting in the addition of new elements of version 6.16 to the template and the use of jar package of Jasper 5.6 in the project, which causes the title exception, Because the lower version jar can’t compile the higher version elements.

Error reporting of eslint in webstorm


Webstorm2019.1 editor, import a new project, the package.json has been written, directly NPM install to install node_ Module package. And then the question came…

Problem Description:

Question 1: after installing node_ After the module, the eslint of the project does not work, so it can’t check the syntax and repair automatically; See editor tips eslint:this.cliEnigne is not a XXXX

Question 2: after installing eslint, the verification rules are not what you want…. For example: force all HTML tags to be written in Hump style, & lt; el-button> Change to & lt; ElButton> It’s awkward to look at…

terms of settlement:

The solution to problem 1:

The version of webstorm does not correspond to the version of eslint. I have reduced the version of eslint in the project.

npm uninstall eslint                  // Uninstall eslint

npm install [email protected] –save-dev                 // Install a lower version of eslint

be careful:   Remember to install it in devdependencies. The following items will not be packaged in the production environment. Command NPM install XXX   — When I installed save dev, I didn’t add dev, but it was installed under dependencies. As a result, I couldn’t install it or caused other errors.

The solution to problem 2:

Tried a lot of ways, also rewritten the eslintrc.js rule, added the rules about hump in the rules, but it didn’t work, I don’t know why…..

Finally, compared with the previous project, I changed the version of eslint package to the same one, and the problem was solved!

I changed these two bags

npm install [email protected] –save-dev

npm install [email protected] –save-dev

Little knowledge:

Do you really understand the difference between devdependencies and dependencies?

devdependencies for local environment development dependencies User publishing environment

Devdependencies are modules that will only be relied on in the development environment, and the production environment will not be included in the package. Through node_ Env = development or node_ Env = production specifies the development or production environment
the packages that depend on can be used not only in the development environment, but also in the production environment. In fact, this sentence is the key. According to this concept, it’s easy to decide whether to use — save or — save dev when installing a module

Solution of xshell error report on 2021.05.03

1. Problem: xshell error

Xshell 6 prompts “to continue using this program, you must apply the latest update or use the new version”, but it is already the latest version

2. Solutions

According to the search to other people also encounter the solution of this situation, sort out, oneself solved the process of this problem
use the binary editor to modify the nslicense.dll file. The editor used here is UltraEdit
file location: xshell installation root directory

Specific steps:
Step 1: download the UltraEdit editor
Step 2: open the nslicense.dll file with the UltraEdit editor
Step 3: search for “7F 0C 81 F9 80 33 E1 01 0f 86 81”
Step 4: change “86” to “83”
Step 5: save the file

Re open xshell, found that it can be used, happy..

If xshell 5, step 3 searches for “7F 0C 81 F9 80 33 E1 01 0f 86 80”

Can’t Dubbo’s @ service be injected into the spring container?

Solution: rebuild the module and test again
when testing the Dubbo provider, adding @ service under the Dubbo path to the business implementation code will report that a test class is not injected
org.springframework.beans.factory.unsatisfied dependencyexception: error creating bean with name ‘com.tanhua.dubbo.server.api.testrecommenduserapi XXXXXX,
No qualifying bean of type ‘com. Tanhua. Dubbo. Server. API. Recommenduserapi’ available: (I think the interface recommenduserapi was not injected), so I replaced it with spring’s @ service line; But shouldn’t Dubbo’s @ service have spring’s @ service function?Baidu for a long time did not belong to their correct answer; After carefully checking the scan package, the annotation @ runwith (springrunner. Class) @ springboottest
on the test class has been added, and the @ service under Dubbo still reports an error
at last, the module was simply rebuilt by copying and pasting, and the final test was successful!! But what’s wrong?I don’t know. Maybe it’s related to building a module! Hope it works…