Error messages of copying files to Linux system by PSCP in Windows operating system

First try: PSCP – I & lt; Local storage path of private key file & gt& lt; Windows local file & gt; [email protected] :/home/jerry

Encountered error message: server reused our key

Fatal Error: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey )

Take a closer look. In my putty, the host name is ubuntu@VM-0-2-ubuntu So I replaced root in the command line with Ubuntu:

After that, the error message becomes: unable to open/home/Jerry/ permission denied

The reason is that I created the Jerry directory through sudo command:

The LS command shows that both the owner and the owner’s group are root users, so you will encounter permission problems

Use the chown command to change the owner of the Jerry folder back to a Ubuntu user

sudo chown -R ubuntu jerry

After that, PSCP is executed successfully

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