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Cannot read property ‘isFile‘ of undefined [How to Solve]

Today, when I started the project, I couldn’t get up. I always reported an error. After translation research, I came to the solution

When executing Vue project NPM run dev FileManager webpack plugin error typeerror: cannot read property 'isfile' of undefined

        if (isGlob) archive.glob(command.source, globOptions);else if (sStats.isFile()) archive.file(command.source, { 
        name: path$1.basename(command.source) });else if (sStats.isDirectory()) archive.glob('**/*', {

TypeError: Cannot read property 'isFile' of undefined
    at D:\abinwork\fmis_web\node_modules\filemanager-webpack-plugin\lib\index.js:271:79
    at D:\abinwork\fmis_web\node_modules\graceful-fs\polyfills.js:282:31

The reason for the error is very simple, because the project we just pulled down does not have a dist directory, and then FileManager webpack plugin find a dist directory and find that it does not exist, and then strike and quit, resulting in an error;

There are two solutions

First, you can repackage it;

npm run build

Second, modify the configuration and automatically create the dist directory when running

Note: look at the first step first. If you can run the NPM run build and then the NPM run dev project, you don’t have to perform the second step

plugins: [
    new FileManagerWebpackPlugin ({
      onEnd: {
        mkdir: [‘./dist‘],
        delete: [
        archive: [
          {source: ‘./dist‘, destination: ‘./‘},

Antdesignvue autocomplet completes the problem of repeated error reporting

If the data IDs are different, and there are multiple identical name values or multiple identical Title values, an error will be reported
just do it

        placeholder="Please Input"
        <template slot="dataSource">
            v-for="item in dataSource"
            :value=" + ''"
            {{ }}

[Vue error] the solution to the template root requires exactly one element error reporting

Error content
Vue error: the template root requires exactly one element

See the following figure for details:

error information in vscode

error information in node

Error reason
Vue only allows one root node in the template.


Add a <div> tag to <template>, after that all the components will be added to <div> to solve the problem.

Vue installation @ Vue/cli error: npmerr gyp err

At home on weekends, I want to install Vue on the local computer, but I always report the error of ‘gyp’. All kinds of Baidu attempts always fail until I see an explanation: installing @ Vue/cli reports the error npmerr gyp err
(intrusion and deletion)

Sort out:
1. First delete three Vue related files in the local folder directory C:// user/xxx/appdata/roaming/NPM
2. Switch the NPM image source of Taobao back to the initial image source of NPM:
npm config set registry

Then run NPM install - G @ Vue/cli and wait.

[Solved] Uni.createintersectionobserver Error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bottom’ of null

Error content

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'bottom' of null
    at a (chunk-vendors.js:319)
    at chunk-vendors.js:319
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at IntersectionObserver.s.<computed>.IntersectionObserver.root (chunk-vendors.js:319)

the listening element cannot be found
PS: it seems that it only appears from the H5 platform

in the hide and unload life cycle of the page, cancel listening to elements

onUnload: function(){;

Judge whether the element exists during listening, and clear the last listening

Vue.prototype.$lazyImg = function(fn){;//The previous ones must be cleared. Otherwise, elements that have been loaded will still be listened to, or if the listened to elements disappear, an error will be reported
	uni.createSelectorQuery().in(this).selectAll('.lazy').boundingClientRect(data => {
		if(data.length > 0){//If there is no lazy element on the page, it will report an error directly, which is really fucking outrageous!'.lazy', (res) => {
				if(res.intersectionRatio > 0){//sometimes, intersectionRatio is undefined

[Solved] Cannot read property ‘setCheckedKeys‘ of undefined“

Elementui reports an error. Cannot read property ‘setcheckedkeys’ of undefined“

Click the tree node and execute the following code. An error will be reported because the DOM element is not loaded

  handleRowClick(row) {

Correct writing:

  handleRowClick(row) {
    this.$nextTick(() => {

[Solved] Vue Project Error: This relative module was not found

Vue project error: this relative module was not found

The questions are as follows


If this error occurs, check your own path. I have solved the problem

“. /”: represents the current directory.

“.. /” represents the upper level directory.

“.. /. /” represents the upper level directory.

And so on

I have solved it successfully

[Solved] Syntax Error: TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function

Syntax Error: TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function


Error reporting when running Vue project

Error message:

Syntax Error: TypeError: this.getOptions is not a function

 @ ./node_modules/vue-style-loader??ref--8-oneOf-1-0!./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--8-oneOf-1-1!./node_modules/vue-loader/lib/loaders/stylePostLoader.js!./node_modules/postcss-loader/src??ref--8-oneOf-1-2!./node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--8-oneOf-1-3!./node_modules/cache-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--0-0!./node_modules/vue-loader/lib??vue-loader-options!./src/pages/article/article.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&id=53e7acee&lang=scss&scoped=true& 4:14-480 15:3-20:5 16:22-488
 @ ./src/pages/article/article.vue?vue&type=style&index=0&id=53e7acee&lang=scss&scoped=true&
 @ ./src/pages/article/article.vue
 @ ./src/router/config.js
 @ ./src/router/index.js
 @ ./src/main.js
 @ multi (webpack)-dev-server/client? (webpack)/hot/dev-server.js babel-polyfill whatwg-fetch ./src/main.js


The probability is that the installed version of SCSS loader is too high

uninstall the original too high version and install the lower version

npm uninstall --save sass-loader // uninstall
npm i -D [email protected] // install
npm uninstall --save node-sass //uninstall
npm i [email protected] // install