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[Solved] Git Error: fsmonitor–daemon failed to start


Today, I want to upload local notes to gitee, and then when I git add., I report an error
no solution was found on Baidu. I saw the idea on GitHub later

First try to
turn off the daemon

git config core.useBuiltinFSMonitor false

Error reporting is not reported, but it does not solve the problem

Then try to start the daemon manually

git fsmonitor--daemon start



Check if your git path has Chinese
it’s probably better to change the Chinese on the path
I haven’t noticed before, because this is the first time I met this problem and successfully solved it

[Solved] JQuery each Method Error: $XXX is not defined

When using each method to traverse the array in JQ, the error $item is not defined is reported


 <div class="right">
      <div class="img_bg rightOne" @click="clickLeft('Company Mission')">Company Mission</div>
      <div class="img_bg rightTwo" @click="clickLeft('Core Values')">Core Values</div>
      <div class="img_bg rightThree" @click="clickLeft('Corporate Spirit')">Corporate Spirit</div>
      <div class="img_bg rightFour" @click="clickLeft('Brand Slogan')">Brand Slogan</div>


 $('.right div').each(function(index,item){       
        	// var $this = $(item);
          // $this.removeClass('is_active_right');


 $('.right div').each(function(index,item){       
          var $this = $(item);

[Solved] Vue E-Charts Error: These dependencies were not found:

Error reporting background

At present, I am working on a single page project of Vue. I temporarily replaced the system disk because I started a new project, which is actually a very easy reason to think of. However, the error “pointing to a component can not be found” on the console page at that time. In my mind, I first thought that there was a problem with my own partial introduction. After checking many introduction methods, I found that it did not seem to be the problem, Later, the reaction may be that the original things were moved because the disk was changed, and the dependencies are not in the current project directory. Although the version number of eckards is registered in package.json, the things are not detected by moudule, so naturally they can’t be retrieved.


There is no problem running my code in the original environment, so the solution is very simple. Just download the required ecarts package and run the following command

// echarts download code
cnpm install [email protected] --save
//the reaseon for limiting version number:default 5 dont conatin Map components

Of course, because I changed the disk, I didn’t even have NPM, not to mention cnpm, not even inode… Of course, if you encounter these problems, just download the corresponding version you need
after downloading the dependencies, you can first go to package.json or the dependency file corresponding to your own project to check whether it is registered correctly, and then check whether the module has a corresponding package to develop a good development habit


After NPM running again, the IDE screen is displayed normally and the web page is displayed normally, OK.
(the picture will not be displayed here, otherwise the information security will be leaked.)

[Solved] Vue3 Import element UI error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of underfined…

Locate the main.js file and the start code is:

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import router from './router'
import ElementUI from 'element-ui';
import 'element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css';



Error message:

reason: vue3.0 no longer supports element UI, so element plus can be used to replace
NPM to install element plus

$ npm install element-plus --save

Refer to the official website of element plus and modify the main.js code to

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import router from './router'
import ElementPlus from 'element-plus'
import 'element-plus/dist/index.css'

const app = createApp(App)


Error reporting solution:

Vue3 + vite install element-plus error [How to Solve]

Vue3 + vite installation element plus error resolution

1. The console reports an error when running the project

1 delete the node_Modules folder and package-lock.json
2 modify package.json
3 modify Vue version number must be above 3.2.2

4 reinstall I, but add – force to force installation, otherwise an error will be reported

 npm i --force

Element plus could not find the problem in index.css

In main.js


The solution is also very simple. Now that you have installed the element plus dependency, you can’t find the file. The probability is that the path has changed. So I manually turned to node modules and found that the whole theme chat folder was moved

[Solved] Vue element UI form verification error: cannot read property ‘validate’ of undefined

[error report solution] Vue element UI form validation error cannot read property ‘validate’ of undefined

Error reporting restore project background error reporting reason error reporting solution

Error reporting restore

[Vue warn]: 
Error in v-on handler: 
"TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'validate')"

Project background

Vue + element UI uses the official form with verification function of element UI

Error reporting reason

The default name of the form has been modified, but the name of ref = “ruleform” in the ‘El form’ label has not been changed. The registration name is inconsistent, which triggers the error.

Error reporting solution

If you want to customize the form name. Be sure to modify the form name in [ref = “ruleform”].

[Solved] ESLint error: Newline required at end of file but not found (eol-last)

When verifying Vue projects with eslint, the following warnings were found:

error: Newline required at end of file but not found (eol-last)

The results are as follows:

I found that the online solution is to insert a blank line after the warning code. I think this is very bad.

1. Insert a configuration file .Editorconfig , in the project_final_Newline = true is changed to false

2. Cancel the verification of the last rule in . Eslintrc. JS

recompile without warning.

[Solved] javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: 535 Error: authentication failed

163 mailbox server to send mail, confirm to start POP3/SMTP service, and set client authorization code
mail.username is not an alias. The following is an incorrect configuration:

spring.mail.username=Dispatch center

Mail.username must be the same as mail.from as the email address. Mail.password is not the email login password, but the authorization code set/generated when the POP3/SMTP service is enabled
correctly configured:

# All email addresses
[email protected]
[email protected]
# Authorization code

[Solved] Vue Use gzip Package Error: Rule can only have one resource source

How to configure:

NPM I compression webpack plugin - d install the plug-in and add the following configuration in Vue.Config.JS (the compression plugin configuration options depend on your personal needs)

configureWebpack: {
	plugins: [
		new CompressionPlugin({
			test: /\.(js|css)?$/i, // Which files to compress
                        algorithm:'gzip', // Use gzip compression

usegzip to unzip the Vue project report an error:Error: Rule can only have one resource source (provided resource and test + include + exclude).
Cause Analysis:
Webpack version conflict in package.json

npm i [email protected] -D
npm i [email protected] [email protected] -D