Configuration of libjpeg turbo in vs2019

tool: libjpeg-turbo can be quickly decoded, Azure Kinect Sensor SDK is used in this tool

libjpeg-turbo Github

can be compiled from github source code with cmake. To install nmake, check to see if there is a release

libjpeg-turbo released on sourceforge compiled 2.0.3 version:

libjpeg – turbo 2.0.3

Exe libjpeg-turbo-2.0.3-vc64. Exe
install (unzip) :
libjpeg-turbo64 folder:

│  └─pkgconfig

structure similar to OpenCV library
, I downloaded libjpeg-turbo-2.0.3-gcc64. Exe . A file under lib, in order to cooperate with vs, I still use libjpeg-turbo-2.0.3-vc64

is then configured as follows.


  1. VC++ Directories/Include Directories new: $(LIBJEPEGTURBO_PATH)\ Include

    1. create a new system variable: LIBJEPEGTURBO_PATH : D:\libjpeg-turbo-gcc64 create a new environment variable: %LIBJPEGTURBO_PATH%\bin corresponding to dynamic library location
    2. >
    3. >>
  2. Linker/General/Addtional Lib Dir $(LIBJEPEGTURBO_PATH)\lib corresponding static Library location
    VC++ Directories/Library Directories new $(LIBJPEGTURBO_PATH)\lib

  3. Linker/Input/Addtional Dependencies new turbojpeg. Lib

    refer to the introduction method of Azure- kinect-sdk for libjpeg. When linking, introduce lib

target_link_libraries(k4a_playback PUBLIC 

program #include "turbojpeg. H "

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