Common compatibility problems of VS2010 to vs2017 projects

Error LNK2001: _vsnprintf VS2017
: Add legacy_stdio_definsition.lib to the VS2015 project option, linker attached dependency.
: The reason for this is that VS2015 builds inline many libraries by default, so there are no library files to link to.
We need to add library files specifically to link functions in the library.

2. The error LNK2019: cannot resolve the external symbol of __iob_func
the solution: CPP
when libjpeg-turbo is compiled for vs2010: __iob_func cannot be found,
*> __iob_func to __acrt_iob_func to solve this problem,
* when>peg-turbo is compiled for vs2015,
* when libjpeg-turbo is compiled for vs2015:
if _MSC_VER>; =1900
#include “stdio.h”
# ifdef __cplusplus
extern “C”
# endif
the FILE * __cdecl __iob_func (unsigned I) {
return __acrt_iob_func (I);
endif /* _MSC_VER>; =1900 */

. ERROR LNK2026 module is not safe for the SAFEEH image.
. Open the Property Pages dialog box for the project.
b. Click the Linker folder.
c. Click the Command Line property page.
d. Type /SAFESEH:NO into the Additional Options box and click Apply.

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