Configuration and use of qt5.9.6 and vs2015

To do the interface but MFC is really, so decisive try Qt to achieve interface, Qt5.9.6 +VS2015+ OpenCV2.4.13
Software used: QT5.9.6
Reference address: Qt5.7 + VS2015 environment structures,
VS2015 called QT small routines:
Qt Creator and v + Qt some small notable difference at
1. Download and install VS2015 and QT5.9.6
Enter VS2015 official download page, download VS2015 Community Edition – Visual Studio Community.
When installing, remember to check the VC++ option of the programming language option, other directly default, as shown in the figure below, otherwise Qt may not detect the compiler, I have encountered this problem, I will record it later.
QT5.9.6 Download and install
Enter the official download page of Qt, I downloaded 5.9.6, you can choose the version, it is recommended to choose a newer version, I downloaded Qt – Opensource-Windows-x86-5.9.6. exe, click download can be.
Then install, default next step, but pay attention to the installation component selection, as shown in the figure below, MinGW and msvc2015-64bit(self-adjusting selection) be sure to check.
The other steps are the default next step. After installation, go to the Start screen and open Qt Creater.
2. Configure Qt Creator
Open Qt Creator, and the interface looks like this
To realize the mutual invocation of VS and Qt, you also need to configure Qt Creator. Click Tools ->; Options – & gt; Build and Run –
You need to configure the compiler, debugger, and so on. If C++ has been checked, the compiler will automatically detect VS2015. If you have not checked the “Visual C++” option when installing VS2015, the compiler will automatically detect VS2015.
Note: it doesn’t matter if it can’t be detected, do not uninstall and reinstall. You can modify it according to the following figure.
Enter the control panel ->; Programs and features, find Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 Updates, right-click and select “Change”.
Then check VC++ again as mentioned before. At this point, you can be surprised to find a compiler
Click on the Build Suite in the following image. You can see the warning symbol displayed in front of the build suite that is automatically detected. The debugger section shows “None”, indicating that the debugger has not been configured.
3. Configure the debugger
The debugger is not available by default, but again, it is necessary to download the Windbg manually. The debugger download address:
Then install can be, install the following tick, the default installation
As long as you can implement the following image, detect the Debugger in the Debugger is automatically detected
4. Configuration VS
To implement VS call Qt, you need to install the related plug-in, as shown in the figure below.
Select: online, search the keyword “Qt”, and relevant plug-ins will appear, as shown in the figure below. Select to download:
When you’re done, you’ll find Qt VS Tools in the menu bar
5. Configuration of QT
Select: Qt VS Tools ->; Qt Options, configuring Qt 5.7. Click “Add” button, Path select D:\ QT \ QT5.7.1 \5.7\ MSVC2015_64, then click “OK” to save.
Note: Unable to find a Qt build! Will appear when creating a Qt project if Qt is not configured. error
The following figure
Here, VS2015 + QT5.9.6 configuration is completed, the next blog, write how to use QT in VS interface
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