The reason of OpenGL configuration error in VS

When working with OpenGL, I encountered a number of errors:
The glut32.lib library cannot be opened.
2. Openg. DLL file missing
And so on.
After my debugging, I found two possible reasons. Please pay attention when debugging, it may be caused by these two reasons.
1.VS has two development platforms, X64 and Win32, I found that there are problems on X64 platform, first, there is no such error on Win32 platform, I guess it is because OpenGL is 32-bit.
I don’t know if OpenGL 64 is going to work, but I didn’t verify it, but you can verify it.
2. If there is an error in question 2, it may be that the lib library file in connector input is incorrect. I have tested it, and if it is changed to glu32.lib and glut32.lib, the error can be eliminated!
This is the problem I encountered in writing OpenGL, to give you a debugging idea.

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