Some configuration problems of OpenGL in VS2008

1. Just for the first time today in VS2008 using OpenGL, configuration when met some problems, then checked the online to find a better way to site at: Most of them are correct, but there is something wrong with the download address of GLEW given by the author. The downloaded file does not have DLL file and lib file. Later, I searched the Internet and found a relatively complete program zip package. Click to download the zip package.
You can’t start this program because GLUT32. DLL is missing from your computer. You can put GLUT32. DLL together with the exe file of this program, but I don’t know why this works.
Today I write here, later if you have any questions to supplement.
Added: Later, I got some advice from one of my classmates, because my system is 64-bit, so glut32.dll should be placed in the folder SysWOW64. Later, I put glut32.dll file in this file and the problem was solved.

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