Environment configuration at the beginning of OpenCV + vs2015

    First of all, the configuration of the system environment (after the computer has configured OpenCV once, there is no need to reconfigure). After the configuration of the system environment variables, the corresponding configuration is carried out on VS2015. First select the new project — VC++ — Win32 console program — empty project, and then right-click the source file to create a corresponding main function;

Then find the property manager in the view – Microsoft.cpp.x64.user in the Debugx64, and right-click to select the property; Add and edit the include file in the VC++ directory:
To add and edit the library directory:
Add and edit the — input — attached dependencies in the linker:
Opencv_world341d. Lib
After the above three steps, click Apply and all the variables are configured. At this point, you can choose a simple program to run (e.g., display an image).
# include & lt; opencv2/opencv.hpp>
# include & lt; iostream>
Using the namespace CV;
Using namespace STD.
Int main(int argc, char** argv)
cout < < “Hello World” & lt; < Endl;
Mat image = imread (” E: \ \ v \ \ c + + \ \ hello word2 \ \ hello word2 \ \ 10. JPG “);
// NamedWindow (” test image “);
Imshow (” ceshi “, image);
/*if (image.empty())
imshow(“window”, image);
} * /
Return 0;
In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to:
1. Be sure to configure it on the solution configuration and solution platform. Debug+x64
2. The images that need to be opened must be placed in the same path as the.cpp file
The escape character in the path is uble slash.
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