Vs2015 + PCL. 1.8.1 (win10) environment configuration

This weekend did nothing, from Friday night to install the PCL library, the whole is really want to cry, again and again, every time there are dozens of even hundreds of new problems, obviously in accordance with the previous install version 1.8.0 method, I do not know what is wrong. Then on Saturday night to give up to go back to sleep, do not know what they have done, suddenly good, even before 1.8.0 encountered VTK can not use the problem is also solved, happiness comes too TTTTTTTTTTT suddenly !!!!!!!!!
I have also looked at the installation tutorials of many blogs, although they are all similar, but who can guarantee that there may be a place that does not fit and cause problems. Suffice it to say, the way to get yourself installed successfully is the right way. Here is a record of my final successful installation process, for your reference.
Install pcl1.8.1
First, download the pcl1.8.1 installation package for installation, the installation package can be found on the Internet.
Here attached my links: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1-dPRLZ1a8Ktemo2EGXU-Sw extraction code: 66 rb. I have 64 bits here. Here 32-bit or 64-bit depends on how many bits your VS compiler has, not the operating system.
I am selecting the second option, automatically generating system variables, modifying the installation directory, and customizing the installation in C:\pcl1.8.1.


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