Windows 7 system update failed – WindowsUpdate_ 800B0100

1 problem description

updated IE to IE11 these days, and the system automatically detected an important update: the cumulative security update (KB3003057) for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 based on the x64 system.

now that it’s detected, and it’s a security update, install it directly (although I usually use Chrome). As a result, the update failed multiple times, with error code 8024000B. After getting the help online, the update prompt was: “WindowsUpdate_800B0100” “WindowsUpdate_dt000” failed to install Updates.

2 solution

for a long time, finally found a solution:

  1. enter the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder
  2. to delete all files

oh, you can reinstall the update.

3 problems in depth

for Windows Update error 800B0100, indicates that a required file was corrupted or missing during the Update process. In retrospect, I did have a forced shutdown during the update stage, and I guess it was during that time that The file was corrupted.

Microsoft’s website has a detailed description of the problem: Windows Update error 800B0100, and then provides a system Update ready tool to resolve the Update problem.

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