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Windows Update error 0x800703ED Possible solution
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HAIDOMO, here’s the year-end summary. It’s been two months in the making. The last post was posted last October by a pigeon blogger named DESU. In fact, the first post of 2018 was supposed to be the annual summary of 2017, but for various reasons, that post hasn’t been finished yet.
In recent days, I happened to encounter the situation of “Error 0x800703ED in Windows Update automatic Update” as mentioned in the title. After searching on the Internet for a long time, I finally found the root of the problem after a lot of pains. I hereby record it and hope to help others to come.
I don’t have much enthusiasm for the Windows Insider Perview anymore, but Fluent Design, which came out recently, looks great, and I’m going to upgrade to the latest Insider Preview in Windows Update. Despite the slow pace, the Build 17093 update was successfully checked and entered the “update in preparation” phase. Who ever wanted to get to 100% but got the following error:
error 0x800703ed screenshot
This is so fucking fuckin ‘.
0x02 is trying to locate the problem
. At the very beginning, I thought it was a network problem. I also tried to hang a global agent on the system and force all traffic to go off the agent at the router, and the result was 0x800703ed, so it could be basically excluded that it was a network problem.
Later, I searched Windows Update 0x800703ed on Google and saw many similar posts in The Microsoft Chinese community. The official replies were all the same, most of which were like this:

check whether Windows Update service is running normally
disable all other non-system services
check Update
recommended removal of various anti-virus software
upgrade Repair various drivers
system file damage, insert the installation CD to Repair
download various Repair tools……
I tried almost all the methods they mentioned and failed in the end.
There are also some search results on other Chinese communities, but they don’t help because they just let you:
Reinstall system
to this suggestion, I would also like to kindly reply: RSNDM.
Chinese content is not expected, and Then I searched the huge English language support community and other sites for a long time, finally found a possible reason for the problem:
Windows & AMP installed; Linux dual systems.
… .
0x03 fix the problem
according to those sites (see the footer reference link), if you have a Windows/Linux boot on your machine and are using a different boot program (such as grub), you will get a 0x800703ed error when you perform an Update operation using Windows Update.
And Just as he said, I installed both Deepin Linux and Windows on the machine and handed gruB2 on the Linux partition to boot the dual boot.
Here you can basically solve the case. I then switched the boot program from Grub2 back to the huge hard NT 6.x, and after rebooting, Everything worked fine for Windows Update, which was successfully updated to Build 17093.
I won’t go into the details of how to switch booters, but I’m going to go through a bunch of them on the web, just to distinguish between Legacy BIOS + MBR environment and UEFI + GPT environment.
Actually yesterday I return when the bootstrap switch point: like accidentally break hard disk with PE U disk MBR cause almost can’t get into any system, repair BCD always get wonderful question, meng for half an hour before detection is hard disk activity partition forget to come back, if it weren’t for yesterday, happen to have a Deepin live CD I have cool now, who let I can’t write grub2 configuration, see the grub rescue command line is the sheepare meng force).
0x04 postscript
as to why using a non-windows bootstrap would result in a 0x800703ed error at update time, I can only say I don’t know, who knows what I’m thinking. Maybe the big hard system update process needs to do some mysterious things with its own bootstrapper.
After Windows Update is complete, you can switch back to GRUb2 boot, complete with OJBK.
It should be noted, however, that while the solution mentioned in this article works for many users, including me, it may not work on your machine. After all, giant error reporting is just a self-written error code and never gives specific information. As I wrote in the title “Possible Solutions,” if the “switch bootstrapper” method doesn’t work for you who also encountered this error or caused any damage to your device, please don’t hit me over the wire, Crab.
Also preview, recently in addition to the year end summary, I should be writing yet another article about WSL (Windows Ims for Linux), stay tuned to cooing.
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