runtime error program:c :\windows\ explorer.exe (appears after installing the win8 security update) why?

Runtime Error Program: C :\ Windows \ Explorer.exe (appears after installing the Win8 security update patch) Why?

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Today came to client companies, an employee suddenly told me that her computer has a problem, I hurriedly in the past to see, found that the problem of the specific situation is as follows: normal operation of the computer, all procedures can be normal open closed, but when open a folder on a network drive appeared abnormal, click on the folder will pop up an Error dialog: the Runtime Error C: \ Windows \ explorer exe…

a very strange problem, open folder prompt this error. Without any idea, I have no choice but to turn to Google and Baidu for help. The search results generally have the following solutions:
1. Turn off Internet options — advanced — enable third-party browser support (uncheck the preceding check);
2. Scan for viruses, trojans, malware, useless plug-ins and so on;
3. Error caused by folder preview problem: (CMD – run – regsvr32 /u shmedia. DLL can solve runtime error program: C:\ Windows \explorer.exe)
4. Disk problems, resulting in Visual C++ problems, so prompt error, can my computer – C disk – right – properties – tools – error checking – start checking (may prompt restart to check the disk)
5. Search Microsoft’s official forum to get an answer to a related question:

Download an run ShellExView ( and disable all NON Microsoft Shell extensions! If it’s fixed, try to enable them 50:50 until you find out which extension causes the issue.

finally, after trying the first four solutions, the problem was still unresolved, so I fluked the fifth solution and used ShellexView. After checking all Shell Extensions, some non-Microsoft plug-ins (such as PDF and CAD) were selectively disabled, and the Runtime Error was not reported again.

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