Windows Update Error: 80244019

Recently, It was found that Windows Update (hereinafter referred to as WU) always prompts 80244019 error when checking for updates (as shown in the figure below). Notice the prompt “Managed by your system Administrator” at the bottom of the window. It is preliminarily estimated that WU could not connect to Microsoft Update due to the group policy deployed by domain control on all computers.

Check Online for Updates from Microsoft Update link. This should be another way to deal with the failure of connecting to Microsoft updates. WU started searching for updates after clicking on the link.

But doing so each time is cumbersome, as the domain controller must have modified some location in the registry when deploying the group policy to make it unusable for WU. So finding them and fixing them should solve the problem. Look around in the Policy and find something WindowsUpdate.
1. Click WindowsUpdate, and if domaincontrol has deployed WSUS, its Settings will be shown here: WUServer, WUStatusServer, both of which say WSUS server address in the domain, without saying delete (first backup is best, don’t be too bold…) .

2. Let’s take a look at what’s in the AU below WindowsUpdate, which also holds parameters for group policy Settings. Especially UseWUServer, which is supposed to tell WU where to find Windows updates, just set its Data to “0”.

Reboot to see what happens. WU is back to his old self:

3. In fact, compared with a non-domain computer, if the group policy has not been modified, there is no WindowsUpdate directory in the registry, that is to say, it is ok to delete all [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows \WindowsUpdate]. The fact proves that there is no problem with all deletion. Attach a Reg for deletion.

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