Record of solving the failure of installing ie11 (9c59) under 64 bit Windows 7 system

On 64-bit windows7 sp1, the attempt to install IE11 always prompts errorCode=9c59 with an unknown error.
after the network search finally eliminated the error, the installation was successful. Because the cause of the problem has not been found accurately at last, several factors conducive to the elimination of errors are listed as follows for reference.
Benefit factor 1: Take advantage of all updates other than IE11 installed for Windows Update. (IE9, 10,11 can be installed automatically with Windows update.) help solve factor 2: remove the Windows update pack stored directory. Here’s how: Turn on computer management — & GT; Service – & gt; Find Windows Update, stop service — & GT; Remove the C :\ Windows \softwareDistribution directory and restart your computer. Help to solve factor 3: use IE11 offline installation package. 5. Before installing IE11, install the System Update Readiness Tool (500M+). More than this will be well taken up by http://it.englishtong
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