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How to Solve K8S Error getting node

During the installation or operation of k8s cluster, you may encounter problems of "error getting node", such as:

"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"
dial tcp connect: connection refused"
"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"
"Error getting node" err="node \"master\" not found"

The way to troubleshoot such problems is to execute the following commands to check the specific error causes:

journalctl -xeu kubelet

Find the initial error and deal with it according to different errors
according to the problems I have encountered, there are mainly the following possibilities:

  1. No swap memory disabled
  2. There is a problem with hostname setting or hosts setting (other bloggers listed reasons)
  3. The container and k8s version is not compatible (other bloggers listed reasons)

[Solved] VMware error: The module “PhysMem” failed to start.

How to re-install VMware and import the previously installed virtual machine with an error

The set physical address width exceeds the maximum value of 43 bits.

The module "PhysMem" failed to start.

Let me talk about the status of my virtual machine first. The virtual machines I installed before are not shut down directly and are in a suspended state.

After searching the Internet for many results, I chose to turn off the virtual power supply (power – & gt; Shutdown). After shutdown, restart the virtual machine to run normally

Windows 7 system update failed – WindowsUpdate_ 800B0100

1 problem description

updated IE to IE11 these days, and the system automatically detected an important update: the cumulative security update (KB3003057) for Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 based on the x64 system.

now that it’s detected, and it’s a security update, install it directly (although I usually use Chrome). As a result, the update failed multiple times, with error code 8024000B. After getting the help online, the update prompt was: “WindowsUpdate_800B0100” “WindowsUpdate_dt000” failed to install Updates.

2 solution

for a long time, finally found a solution:

  1. enter the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder
  2. to delete all files

oh, you can reinstall the update.

3 problems in depth

for Windows Update error 800B0100, indicates that a required file was corrupted or missing during the Update process. In retrospect, I did have a forced shutdown during the update stage, and I guess it was during that time that The file was corrupted.

Microsoft’s website has a detailed description of the problem: Windows Update error 800B0100, and then provides a system Update ready tool to resolve the Update problem.