Windows update has an error code_ 800700C1

Windows SupDate on VISTA cannot be updated. Error code _800700C1 appears.

Refer to the foreign language and explain why:

32 bit SP1 Vista Cannot check for WindowsUpdate

800700c1 is not an valid Win32 Application not an valid Win32 Application.

0x3 IuctL.dll and iuengine-dll are not the correct version (usually due to caching problems)

iuctl.dll and iuengine.dll are not the correct version and are unable to be updated.

0x1 iuctL.dll is not the correct version

iuctl.dll is not the correct version and is unable to be updated.

The solution is as follows

Step 1: Reset IE

1) Click Start, click Run, type inetcpL.cpl, and then click OK to open network properties.

2) Click the General TAB, delete cookies, history, etc. (Run cleanMgr directly)

3) Click the “Security” TAB, select network, and click the default level button.

4) Click the “Privacy” TAB and click the default button.

5) Click the “Advanced” TAB, click the Default button, and uncheck the “Enable Three-party Browser Extension” check box.

Step 2: Register the XML component

1) Click Start, click Run, type CMD, and then click OK

2) In the command window, type the following command line (enter after each command) regsvr32 MSXML.dll Regsvr32 MSxml2.dll Regsvr32 MSxml3.dll

3) If “the specified module cannot be found” appears, download the relevant DLL file from the network or copy it to someone else’s computer, put it in C:\WINDOWS\ System32, and then try to run it in the command.

BTW: Regsvr32 is a command under Microsoft Windows operating system. It is used to register and de-register DLL and ActiveX files, so that they can be reflected in the login file. The default is the system directory (C:\ Windows and C:\ Windows \ System32).

Download center (looking for DLL)

The home of (computer)

Step 3: Close all third-party firewall programs.

Please check whether you have the following anti-virus software or firewall installed, if so, please shut down temporarily.

Sygate Personal Firewall, Norton Internet Security Freedom Firewall, Zone Alarm Firewall.

Step 4: Close the Windows Firewall

1) Click Start, click Run, type Firewall. CPL, and then click OK.

2) Select close and click OK.

Step 5: If you have any of these installed, such as Covenant Eyes, Browser Blaster, and popup Blocker, shut them down or uninstall them to diagnose problems.

Step 6: Enter CMD as administrator and run “SFC/ScanNow”

If “Windows Resource Protection found corrupted files but could not fix some of them”, you can find the details of the scan through the Takeown command, and then manually fix the corrupted system files for specific diagnostic information. You can also insert a Vista repair CD into the drive and run “SFC/ScanNow” as an administrator

BTW: SFC (System File Checker) System File Checker is a Windows utility used to verify System File integrity and repair System files. If system files are found to be incorrect or missing, the program will ask you to insert the Windows installation DISC to fix or replace the incorrect files.

Step 7: WindowsUpdate automatic diagnosis and repair

Step 8: Microsoft Telephony support services

TEL: 800-820-3800/800-820-3800/021-96081318.

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