[Solved] Android gradle Error: gradle project sync failed. Please fix your project and try again

Another error was reported during Android development. This is a version error. The first step is to synchronize the versions
error message:
Android studio error: gradle project sync failed. Please fix your project and try again

1. Version synchronization:

1.1 file> sync project with android gradle

If you succeed, you don’t have to look at the following

1.2 error reporting:

It can be seen or not solved:

It should be the version problem. If we can’t download it, we can download it directly manually (check the network first, and the agent has no problem, but it still can’t be solved)

2. Modify proxy parameters:


2.1 open file> setting> Search proxy

2.2 configuration information

The address and port of the agent shall be filled in as follows:


2.3 check whether the Ping is connected

    1. use check connection

      1. enter a website to test: www.baidu.com, and then test: </ OL>

Still not!

3. Manual Download

So let’s continue:

3.1 open the gradle wrapper properties file

3.2 download

Download the gradle in the last line of the website. Note that the version must be consistent. Download whatever he puts down.

3.3 modifying environment variables

Remember to modify the gradle environment variable in the computer:

        1. system environment variable:

          1. path:

3.4 modify the compilation environment configuration

Then unzip it, modify the gradle configuration in the environment, and it’s OK.

You can see that my environment is OK now:

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