gradle sync failed CreateProcess error=267 directory is invalid

Gradle Sync Failed CreateProcess Error =267 directory invalid
There was no problem with the import of the company’s project at the beginning, but it was turned off. After starting up the next day, an error was reported:

CreateProcess Error =267 directory name invalid

After searching on Bing for a long time, I couldn’t find a corresponding solution, so I asked for help from my predecessors.
The elder say: you see, somebody said the directory name is invalid, so you just change the directory (project) name.
There is an & AMP in the project name; The sign, I’ll just change it to _.

a& B – & gt; a_b

Delete the.imL file in the project with the same name as the project name and reimport it. Problem solving.

A&amp was deleted from the project; B.i ml file.


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