Adobe Photoshop CS6 download and installation and error:16 The solution of

Here to share a simplified version of PS download and installation, the following is the installation package of Baidu Cloud address ~~
Link: password: q3lk
Installation method is very simple, unzip downloaded installation package, there is an installation instructions, do not see can, directly find. Exe file double-click can be installed

One thing to note in the installation instructions: It says to turn off other Adobe products when installing Ps, or you may fail to install.

After installation, there will be a shortcut on the desktop. Double-click it. When I double-click to open it, it fails and gives me an error

I thought there were Adobe products running during the installation process, and then I uninstalled and reinstalled, but still failed. Later, I found out that it was a configuration problem, so please remember after the installation is completed
Configure!! Hit the point!!

Right – click shortcut -& GT; Property – & gt; compatibility

Rerun is ok ~~

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