Adobe Acrobat installation error experience of e1935 0x80070bc9

An Error occurred during the installation of assembly component {43cc1b37-b20c-3ebc-9c04-f809989e4fd3}. HRESULT: 0x80070BC9
Try to run with administrator identity, disable kill soft, all not line, helpless Baidu of.
1. Restart and install
2. Uninstall and framwork (with multiple versions framwork)
3. Since I just reinstalled the system and 4.7.2, I tried to run the installation program to fix it. The result found that it could not be run. The original reason was that I ran the update and did not restart. Then reboot and install again without any problems.
Seems to be some installer will call Windows update function, if you are running Windows update not restart, especially when they are in use third-party plug-ins to install updates (due to the inability of third-party plug-ins like Windows update in the tray with the state of the prompt you to restart, so it’s easy to forget yourself not restart, this time you install a few large software, such as office, acrobat, autocad, etc., can produce the problem.
The reason should be that Windows Update set the restart, but we delayed, and then the program used the UPDATE.
If you have the same problem, try rebooting first, and if not, follow the link above.

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