Adobe finally launched Photoshop fix on Android, a powerful mobile phone map revision app

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The 2016-11-04 15:00

When Apple released the 12-inch iPad Pro last year, Adobe released a Photoshop Fix for it. Adobe has traditionally given priority to their apps on iOS and a little later on Android, but the Photoshop Fix didn’t arrive on Android for more than a year.

Adobe’s revised figure APP nature than like a picture show some useful, don’t have that a key facial, wrinkles to the enchanting such as silica gel, but still have provided the Photoshop Fix thin face, beautiful skin, and the function of the blur these basic skin care and other function also is stronger than general modification APP, can repair to a photograph, smooth, liquefaction, lights and other operations, this means that a lot of complex, so if you want to photos look good to have a little technology and kung fu. In addition, Photoshop Fix can save the edited content as a PSD file and put it into the computer version of Photoshop for further editing.

The Android version of Photoshop Fix requires an Android 5.0 level or above system. This year, all Android phones photographed will not be lower than this version of the system. Users who like a bit of professional style can try it and download it for free.
Google Play download: Adobe Photoshop Fix
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