[reprint] method to solve error 16 in illustrator CS6

Adobe Illustrator CS6 is a graphics processing software owned by Adobe. It is fundamentally different from Photoshop. Photoshop can be used to beautify images, while AI can be used to beautify vector graphics, which is often called illustration beautification! Generally, works produced by this software will be applied to posters or illustrations. From a business perspective, users of this software need more professional knowledge than users of PS. Many users have been prompted with the error code: 16 after installing the software, as shown in the figure below.

Methods and steps:
Illustrator CS6 64-bit simplified Chinese version size: 1.75gb
version: 2017 free
environment: WinXP, Win7, Win8, Win10, WinAll
Enter the download
Because xiaobian used to test the computer did not install AI software, so is to use PS instead, because they set the way is the same!
1, you open all the programs in the lower left menu bar, in the Adobe folder will be able to find the AI software!

2, in addition to the above methods can also be found in the folder we install the software to find the main program!

3. Then right-click the icon with the right mouse button! Select the option to run as administrator!

4, after the selection can start the normal operation of the software!

5, but the above operation has a disadvantage, that is, every run must be this operation! To avoid this step we can set up a permanent “run as administrator”. Right-click the software icon and select the “Properties” option in the pop-up box!

6. After entering the property setting interface, set the TAB to “Compatibility”, and then check the “Run as administrator” at the bottom! Finally, click “Apply” – “OK” button in turn to save Settings!

7. After completing the above steps, you can double-click to run the software directly!
Above is the small make up an error when processing run Adobe Illustrator CS6 for 16 method, in fact, the general configuration software to appear or situation that is not running, because we haven’t enough to set permissions, the best way is directly set to run an administrator, set no accident won’t show the error!

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