Internal error 2503 solution in endnote installation

Windows 10, 64
Internal Error2503 appeared when Endnote X9 was installed, followed by an error of Internal error2502.
I. Installation instructions
(1) Double-click [EndNote X9 V19.0.12062 Setup.msi] to install EndNote X9, choose to try it during installation, and do not run EndNote after installation;
(2) if you want to use the Chinese version, you can copy [endnote.exe] from the CHS folder to the software installation directory (right-click desktop software shortcut -> Property – & gt; Open the file location), replace the original file can.
(3) if you want to use the English version, you can copy [endnote.exe] in ENG folder to the installation directory of EndNote, and replace the original file to use directly for free. Note: no matter the English version or Chinese version is used, it can be used after substitution without the input of serial number.
EndNote installation directory default is:
64-bit system: C:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X9
32-bit system: C:\Program Files\EndNote X9
Second, solutions
(1) Open the resource manager, find the program “Explorer.exe” in the column of “Details”, and click “End task (E)”
(2) Click “File (F)” in the menu bar of Resource Manager and select “Run New Task (N)”.
(3) Click the “Browse” button, and the file addition dialog box will pop up. Find “C disk –System–Windows– Select Explorer Application”, and finally click “Open”.
(4) Check “Create this task with System Permission”
(5) Through the above operation to complete the following operation as an administrator
After that, you can install Endnote software in the normal way, and there will be no error prompt of Internal Error 2503

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