Red rice note3 (Kenzo) is brushed into lineage OS

The red mi Note3 (kenzo) is brushed into the process of Lineage OS

For a detailed tutorial, see Install LineageOS on kenzo
for some additional additions

0 Preparation before swiping
If you have logged in to Google account, first delete the Google account of this machine (very important, otherwise the boot wizard cannot skip, people outside the wall or with *** network can ignore) if you are using mobile Authenticator, please note: “Please go to this page to close secondary verification before uninstalling the verifier and restoring the mobile phone”. I’ve turned off my secondary verification and reloading. Backup important data
1 update Recovery
The first step encountered difficulty, and the fastboot refresh TWRP prompt FAILED. After checking the reason, it turned out to be the lock problem of Xiaomi. That is to say, even if it has been unlocked once, if you see such a prompt, then download the unlock tool of Xiaomi again and just click to unlock it again.
2 Installation of Lineage OS
Put the downloaded into SDCard, and then enter Recovery. First, the Data, including System, Data, Cache and Davik Cache, will be cleaned. Because I was updating from the CM system, so the Lineage had to be erased. Then go back to select the installation, select the package into the compression, slide to confirm the brush. Then I ran into a problem and told me “ZIP Signature Verification failed”. I tried not to select the annoying ZIP verification, but it failed again. The error was different.

xiaomi.verify.modem() failed to read current MODEM version: -2

Update process ended with ERROR: 7

See this post for an explanation of the problem. The main reasons are:

The blobs used by system are taken from MIUI Global DEV ROM expect the firmware to be from the same release too. Mismatch in that can cause issues.

The solution, some netizens suggested, was to brush the latest version of MIUI and then brush the Lineage. The method was a bit awkward, mainly because the ROM of MIUI was too big, too expensive, too, the SHU too often eight or nine hundred trillion. The solution was found by myself: Status 7 Error with CWM or TWRP Recovery on Crinum Android! . The general idea is the same as this one, with some minor changes. The unzipped upater-script begins as follows:

assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "kate" || getprop("") == "kate" || getprop("ro.product.device") == "kenzo" || getprop("") == "kenzo" || abort("E3004: This package is for device: kate,kenzo; this device is " + getprop("ro.product.device") + "."););
assert(xiaomi.verify_modem("MSM8976.LA.1.0.c3-30041-STD.PROD-1.77504.1.83742.1") == "1");

Considering the error message when I flash for xiaomi. Verify the modem () mistake, so I'm going to the second row assert to delete, and then brush into the compressed again and again, remember not to select the zip signature check, then brush into the lineage OS the success, remember to Gapps package also brush into the boot, again has been switched on, then brush in the rear into the Gapps remember dual boot up again.
3 Skip the network connection of the boot wizard (Fxxk GFW)
After swiping Gapps and entering the boot wizard, it seems that there is still no option to skip the step of connecting to the network. The solution is as follows: first unplug the SIM card, and then select the network interface to the left and right of the four corners of a pass, you can skip. Then it successfully enters the main interface, and the swiping machine is completed.

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