Win10 starts infinite loop auto repair, and the repair fails

Background: since the last normal use a few hours ago, no software or patch has been installed. The only action: repair the network with Netsh command prompt, and then restart according to the prompt.

Phenomenon: after win10 starts, it prompts “diagnosing computer…” “Repairing…” , and then repair failure, dead loop. Up to the successful start, a total of 15 restarts.

Solution (failure):
1) according to the solutions of Baidu and Google, the advanced option is used to start, and the start fails.
2) after that, use the command prompt Bcdedit to turn off the automatic repair {UUID}, but it still fails.
3) security mode (with network) cannot be restarted.
4) there are still files on the desktop, which cannot be ghost, factory recovery, etc.

Solution (temporary success):
Advanced Options -> disable driver signature -> Restart successfully and enter the desktop.


    after restart, the device manager shows that all devices are in normal use (USB, NIC, etc.) after restart, because there is no blue screen, all minidump files are not captured, and specific errors cannot be analyzed. After restart, system32 -, logfiles -, SRT – srtTrail.txt The file indicates that the repair failed 15 times, but the error is not pointed out.

Postscript: similar solutions, 40570892/article/details/83540275

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