Opencv perfect configuration strategy 2015 (win7 + opencv 2.4.9 + vs 2013)

The original computer is a 32-bit win7 system. Due to the needs of the project, the previous vs 2010 is updated to the current vs 2013. Reconfigure opencv environment, version 2.4.9( Win7 + Opencv 2.4.9 + VS 2013)

In the past, we used to manually add the link library to configure the environment, which was very troublesome. Find the perfect configuration strategy called opencv on the Internet and try it. This method uses the way of writing property sheet, which can directly import the created property sheet into the project to complete the configuration of OpenCV, which is very convenient and fast. Thank you. The link is as follows: configuration_ in_ vs.html

During this period, I also encountered a very confused problem. In the past, the manual configuration method was used, and there was no problem in opening the test image. This time, after importing the property sheet, the same method was used to test, but it always failed. It indicates that the related header file of OpenCV cannot be found, so it is thought that it is caused by the configuration error of property sheet or the system variable not being updated. After setting system variables several times and restarting, it still can’t be solved, which is very confusing. After searching the opencv directory, you can find the relevant header files, but the latest version is different from the previous directory. The original reason for finding data is that there is a problem with the path, not the property table.

Directly include the following files in the original project, no need to include different header files, convenient and fast( The header file of opencv.hpp contains all the header files in opencv library.)

#include <opencv2\opencv.hpp>

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