Configuration problem of pcl1.9.1 under Windows 10 vs2017 (solved)

Windows 10 VS2017 PCL1.9.1 configuration issue resolved
The first time to use the PCL library, encountered many problems. Write down some problems here so that other friends who have the same problem can solve them.
I won’t talk about the basic configuration, you can refer to this blog. I think that’s pretty detailed.
especially recommend a property sheet, then I don’t need in the configuration.
The problem
I ran into several problems after following this blog configuration.
The parameters of the E2512 functional test macro must be simple descriptors
VS2017 at compile time errors E2512 functional test macro parameter must be a simple identifier

this error can be ignored, actually does not affect your code generation, just IntelliSense errors.

Problem with pop_t not finding identifier
I searched this issue for a long time and finally found a solution on GitHub’s Issue.

oblem in PCL third party library Flann kind, dish.h file. #ifpop_t is used in #elsebut is not specified, so we add this sentence (which was originally defined in #if).

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