To solve the problem that deep in 20.2 system cannot save and transform the format of typora, and provide an effective installation method of typora

Background: deep in 20.2 system app store can only edit files after downloading typora, but can’t save files and convert file formats (such as exporting PDF, word, etc.) without any error prompt, just can’t convert.

Cause analysis: the typora downloaded from the deep in app store comes with its own pandoc plug-in, so there is no problem that there is no pandoc; The deepin version of TA is 20.0, but it can be used normally. I use the command line to run typora for operation, and there is no error related to file conversion or saving. Subjective conjecture is that the latest version of deepin is incompatible with the app store’s typora version.


Uninstall the app store, and download and install it from the official website (just use the operation method of Linux system on the official website)

Actual operation:

The following is the official website installation operation and possible errors, I give my own solution:

1. Get the key

wget -qO – | sudo apt-key add –

2. Add the repository of typora

sudo add-apt-repository ‘deb ./’
sudo apt-get update

in this step, you may report an error of “unable to find the repository command”

Try some methods on the network is not feasible, so directly add violence!

    use the VIM command to edit the configuration file of apt get installation( The directory is/etc/apt/source. List)

      Press’ I ‘to enter edit mode and add: DEB . /,
      then press ESC + “: WQ” to save and exit

        then execute sudo apt get update to update the configuration file

        3. Install typora

        sudo apt-get install typora

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