Several problems caused by device encryption

Description: ora-12541tns no monitor program + velvet software icon turns black

Problem Description:                 

         After Oracle is unloaded and reloaded, ora-12541tns no monitor program will not appear for the time being, and then the problem of restarting the computer appears again — the problem solved from the perspective of Oracle (this problem will appear again in a few days after it is solved through other operations — the above error occurs when opening PL/SQL developer software.)

         At the same time, the tinder software icon turns black or the tinder software installation pop-up cannot be installed in the encrypted directory (prompt: when the tinder is installed in other disks other than disk C.).

        At this point, the big probability is due to the problem of device encryption.


        Turn off device encryption settings.

Process (simple operation, just two steps)

1. Window + Q output “device encryption”( The window key icon is similar to the key of the window where the window is turned on. It is generally located near FN in the lower left corner.)

2. Select close( It will take some time)

         I was puzzled by this problem for a period of time. During this period, I solved it through online methods. I even uninstalled Oracle and then reloaded it. At that time, it was solved and there was no problem. However, the problem will still appear later, which is more annoying.

         Later, I found out the problem. The problem is quite special and the solution is also quite special. I would like to share it with those who encounter similar and partial problems. Finally, I hope I can help you solve the problem.



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