Completely solve install_ FAILED_ UPDATE_ Incompatible installation error, the installation package is not consistent with the previous installation package signature on the device

thoroughly resolves the installation error of INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE installation packages signed with those on previous devices

ps: I finally changed the package name… Don’t offer such services such as nacionbolinblog/p/5402652.html

sometimes development problems: will encounter in the company work, the company’s IDE can run the program, copy the program home, run again, will appear the following error:


reason: your installation package is not signed with the previous installation package on the device. At Baidu, some people said: running too many times will also appear above problems, but I have not encountered.

simple processing:

if your program is just a running game, not a very important program, then you can just change the package name. I’ve done this before.

steps: as shown in figure:

but in actual work, we are not allowed to change the package name, such as associated with WeChat, alipay, baidu map, etc., our package name is submitted to their official website.

so what do we do?

provides a crappy way to compare: if you’re testing the phone, format the test phone.

the following is a more complete screening process:

problem: when debugging, it USES the default signature (that is, the debug signature), while when exporting, it USES its own debug signature, which cannot be installed on the same phone.


if your previous program USES the default signature (i.e., debug signature), once the new signature application will not be able to overwrite the installation, you must uninstall the original program to install.

– & gt; Everyone else uninstalls and installs, but my phone doesn’t.

– & gt; Me: Uninstall the old one, also root, and delete the data/data/ package name.

– & gt; Installation tip: Replace app, sales assistant 1.0 replace 1.0.. Prompt program not installed.

– & gt; Does the system hold the relevant package name and signature information?

– & gt; If be, also Baidu does not put where this information.

continue to baidu: find the package name information stored in the/data/system/packages. The XML, need root cell phone only can see the file from a mobile phone.

– & gt; Just delete the package name information that the application contains.


  1. uninstall the previous installation package with “adb uninstall package name”, then try to install it, if not, proceed to the next step.

  2. in/data/system/packages. The XML file containing the application’s package name information

    my practice: 2.1 root mobile phone, is my meizu, directly to the root. After installing RE manager, enter/data/system/packages. The XML copy the file to the other place, share to the computer, computer modified, covered in the original file.

    reference practice: my mobile phone does not work. 2.2 use adb pull command to export the file, modify it, and import it with adb push.

    2.3 the above steps do not work, first adb remount (means to remount the system partition) and then adb pull command export the file, complete the modification, and import with adb push.

    2.4 the above steps do not work,

     ---> 执行  adb shell  命令  -- 执行的是Linux的命令
     ---> su (手机应该会弹出权限信息提示~~告诉你需要管理权限,并确认)  -- 获得超级权限
     ---> ls -l (查看当前目录下所有可见文件的详细属性)  drwxrwx--x   (d--文件夹)
           这边怎么跑出一个system?回答:没有听说过Android除了Root还有system权限  你说的是user权限吧
     ---> mount -o remount,rw /data (重新将文件夹为可读可写。)  我的手机出现( Operation not permitted),没办法下一步
     ---> chmod 777 /data 

    2.5 does not work, using the 2.1 method.

  3. reinstall the new application can be


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