Solution to prompt “system group policy forbids installation of this device” in win10 system

A few days ago, the system automatically updated the graphics driver, resulting in a lot of problems. Re install the video card driver, but the error of “system group policy forbids the installation of this device, please contact the administrator” is prompted. We checked some information on the Internet, and finally solved this problem by modifying the relevant items in the local group policy of the system. Now the scheme is recorded as follows.

1. First, win + R opens the “run” dialog box


2. Enter the local group policy editor and click “computer configuration – & gt; management template – & gt; system”.

3. Find “device installation restrictions” under “device installation” and click to display the following list:

4. Double click “prohibit installation of devices not described by other policy settings”, select “disabled”, and click “apply and confirm” to save the settings.

5. At this point, you can install the graphics driver normally.

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