[Problem] When installing the installation package, it appears: ipersistfile save failed with error code “0×80070005

Ipersistfile Save failed error code “0×80070005”
Ipersistfile Save failure Error code “0×80070005
A dialog box persistfile ::Save will pop up to tell you that IPersistFile::Save fails! Code 0×80070005 denied access. As is shown in

Ipersistfile Save failure The error code “0x80070005” was denied access
This error is annoying, but a few savvy guests should be able to see that the error occurred with the call to Ipersistfile::Save and was due to the permissions issue. IPersistFile::Save is an interface provided by the Ole_lib2 library and is generally used to Save downloaded web page files. The main reason for the failure was that the installer’s permissions were not high enough, and the system blocked the installer’s calls to the Ole_lib2 library file for security reasons.
The simplest and most effective way to make this error is to close the anti-virus software and firewall and then reinstall it. Of course, there will also be special cases. In special cases, we can deal with it as follows:

    gives the current system account a password, and a non-empty password. Open the “Start” menu and under “Run…” Enter “Control Userpasswords2” and press Enter. Uncheck the box before “User must enter username and password to use this machine.” Click OK.

Cancel the user must enter user and password option
In general, after the above operation has been able to solve a lot of such problems, of course, the skills do not pressure, in case of future trouble, the author found a way to teach you, hope to be helpful to you.

    close the firewall and antivirus software. Go into secure mode on your computer and log in with your administrator account. Open the command prompt, type “secEdit /configure/CFG %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose”, and press enter. Reboot your computer, clean up system junk, and clean up your browser’s cookies cache.

All right, I think the above methods are all good enough to solve the problem of installing software that fails iFile ::save. Hope to be helpful to everyone, of course, if you have a better way, please also inform the author, communicate progress together.

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