Some problems encountered in the development of ReportViewer

1. The number of rows displayed per page is determined by the Report’s Interactivesize-height attribute. The rule is Height = row number *0.63492 row Height
2. How to display the table header, choose to open the report file in XML format, in
< TablixRowHierarchy>
& lt; TablixMembers>
& lt; TablixMember>
& lt; KeepWithGroup> After< /KeepWithGroup>
& lt; RepeatOnNewPage> true< /RepeatOnNewPage> // Just add this sentence.
< /TablixMember>
& lt; TablixMember>
& lt; Group Name=”Details” />
& lt; /TablixMember>
& lt; /TablixMembers>
& lt; /TablixRowHierarchy> PageCountModel property
has two values, Actual and Estimate, after adding the ReportView control to the page.
Actual is the Actual number of pages
Estimate is also the estimated page, with a question mark
4. If through the page loaded so
< LocalReport ReportPath = “Rdlc \ CopyRecordRdlc Rdlc” & gt;
& lt; /LocalReport>
is in the upper right corner of the page with control points triangular load RDLC files, so there is no problem in winform, but there is no data problem will appear in the Web, the correct way is to load in query button rvCopyRecord. LocalReport. ReportPath = @ “RDLC \ CopyRecordRdlc RDLC”;
so you don’t have that hint
5. Add parameters in the report,
increase total cost in the report, right-click under the parameter folder in the report toolbox, create a new parameter AllCost, drag this parameter into the report, pass the value on the page,
double AllCost =0;
ReportDataSource ReportDataSource = GetData(out allCost);
ReportParameter r = new ReportParameter(“AllCost”, allcost.tostring ());
rvCopyRecord. LocalReport. SetParameters (r);
this allows the total expenses to be passed into the report

6. Statistical function must be an int or a decimal field serving can be added, and other fields is first
the last line of the selected statements, increased Group of Blow in increase the bottom line, enter a meaningless in the GroupBy parameter, this will show only a line, if you choose meaningful field will appear many lines (don’t know why). Right click on the last column of the last row, select Fx, go to the expression page, go to Database, list all the fields that can be counted, int or Decimal is Sum and the rest is FIrst, double click on the Sum field, so an expression is automatically generated in the input box above, and the statistics function is generated.
7. Pie chart percentage,
Percentage in the pie chart shows the time display, the default is to display the decimal (vs2010) as 0.2, but want to show the percentage, the series label a Number attribute in the propertys, inside can set the percentage attributes, but don’t know what is Microsoft’s bug or I did not study, anyway setting percentage is not successful, each open again into a default value, namely the decimal,
Provide two ways to display percentages,
1), select the percentage number on the PieChart, select series label propertys, select fx in the label Data and add as follows = FormatPercent(CountRows()/CountRows(“PieChart”),2) (PieChart is the name of your PieChart, default is Chart1). This will show the percentage.
2), select the number property in Series Label Propertys and it will become default every time it is opened, but it can be set in the bar chart. By comparing THE XML files, the difference is found. Open the XML file of the pie chart with XML format, and there is a ChartDataLabel node under the ChartDataPoint node, and add the following code inside
< Style >
& lt; Format> 0.00% & lt; /Format>
& lt; /Style>
This will show you as a percentage.
8. How to display links in pie charts
If you want to click open the page on each scale, then pass in a parameter
Select the label on the pie chart and then select Series Label Propertys, select action in the URL, select URL, click FX, write, =””+Fields! Paremare.Value.
Note that the following code must be added where the RDLC file is referenced when using the URL
rvCopyRecord.LocalReport.EnableHyperlinks = true;
Otherwise no error will be reported at compile time, but no error will be reported at run time
9. How do I get the pie percentage to be on the outside of the pie and show the lines
Select the dataLable on the pie chart, then select the property on the right, CustomerAttirbutes inside, and set Pielabelstyle =outside, Pielablecolor =”color” to do the job
10. Problem with subReport control, place a subReport control in the parent report and set the reportName property to the name of the child report to be displayed.
Data retrieval failed for the subreport, ‘Subreport1’, located at: D:\Work\ ReportService\ReportService.Web\Rdlc\ProductDetail. Rdlc. Please check the log files for more information.
The problem is that there is no data source for the subreport,
In display report events add reportViewer1. LocalReport. SubreportProcessing + = new SubreportProcessingEventHandler (LocalReport_SubreportProcessing);
Void LocalReport_SubreportProcessing (object sender, SubreportProcessingEventArgs e)
the DataSet DataSet = null;
// Load the data from the XML file
ReportDataSource ReportDataSource = GetData ();
///Supply a DataTable corresponding to each report dataset. The dataset name must match The name in The main report stream
// (in The name attribute of) the < DataSets> \< DataSet> Element.
e.D ataSources. Add (reportDataSource);

} finally
if (the dataSet. = null)
the dataSet. The Dispose ();


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