Summary of problems encountered in compiling and installing vtk7 + vs2013 / 2015 + cmake

Most of the work is done according to the online compilation tutorial. Several problems encountered in the process are summarized as follows:
1, to generate the debug and release versions of the.lib file name repeated question:
in camke carried out in accordance with the tutorial after completion of the config, do not generate, point the Add Entry;
popup dialog box Name input :CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX, type select :STRING, value input :d.
set up some config again, until all turned white, the generate again can
2, compilation of project in vs, ALL_BUILD after the success of the generated during the install error:
in the operation, the following three parts which are not necessarily must
1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ Microsoft Shared \ Msenv \ vslauncher.exe, right click – “Properties -” compatibility, check the administrator permissions at the bottom to run;
Then close the current VS software, run VS as an administrator, open vtk.sln in the build directory
ter this step, right-click Install and generate Install only, again fail



The last step (key) should be
the debug, right-click the install project to open its properties page, generate an event in the late generates events – “-” “used in the generated” changed to “no”. Right install generated again can success
note: under the release, install project property page at this time in “use” in the generated above should be “yes”, also, then right-click the install the success

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