Small problems encountered in compiling OpenGL under VS2010

When you first compile and run, you run into the problem of not finding some library files: it is common to run into the compiler error that some library files are missing, so the program will not compile, here provides a solution and library files to download.

At compile run time, I also ran into a problem with the messagebox method, saying what type cannot be converted, actually this is
For Unicode problems, just change this: Project menu ->; Final attribute ->; Configure properties ->; Conventional – & gt; Project default value ->; Unicode changed to Unset.

Haha, even if the program didn’t make an error, when VS still makes this error:
error LNK2019: Unable to resolve the external symbol [email protected], / font>>
select “Items” menu –>; Final ‘Attributes’ -> Configure property “->” The linker “- & gt;” Input “- & gt; Add opengl32.lib, glu32.lib, glaux. Lib (note that when adding input, each line has a ) to the “attached dependencies”

Ha ha, oneself sum up once, later forgot to keep oneself to use.

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