Record the problems encountered in OpenGL learning

1. When passing data to a uniform in a shader, the ID of the shader must be bound first, that is, gluseProgram (ID), and the operation must be next to each other. If another shader is bound in the middle, then the data passed will have problems.
2, Normal =mat3(transpose(inverse(model)) *aNormal; 2, Normal =mat3(transpose(inverse))*aNormal;
3. In matrix transformation, generally scale ->; Rotation – & gt; Translation, in turn, transform the modelMat = modelData scale rotate translate * * *, but when using GLM library of built-in method, need to write, in turn, see specific reasons, at the same time is highly recommended to see the great god of the tutorial.
Error :gl.h included before glew.h :gl.h included before glew.h: error:gl.h included before glew.h gl/glew.h> Put it on top.

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