Problems encountered in the installation of pyromacoustics

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When installing pyromacoustics, there is only one sentence:

pip install pyroomacoustics

Error 1

My Anaconda navigation interface couldn’t work. I kept reporting errors. I downloaded Anaconda again, but it still couldn’t work. Later, I gave up the latest version of anaconda and used the old version of Anaconda directly. Tsinghua image link:
here is an example
I can download 2020.11
there is a problem with the previously downloaded version of 2021.05.

Error 2

I forgot to report a mistake. Anyway, you need to install the dependency package. You need to install the following first.

conda install matplotlib cython scipy

You can use the following command:

conda init

Then close command pompt and turn it back on.

Error 3

ValueError: check_ hostname requires server_ Hostname
to see if your computer uses a network agent, just turn off the agent I don’t know why. Anyway, it’s right to install with Tsinghua image. As follows:

pip --default-timeout=100 install pyroomacoustics -i


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