Record of solutions to internal error when VMware starts virtual machine

Before, the folder name of VMVARE installation was “virtual machine”. Today, I think the Chinese name is not good, so I’ll change it to “VMvare” in English. However, after the change, an internal error will appear when I start vmware virtual machine.

After testing, I changed the name of the file back to “virtual machine” (if the name cannot be changed, it should be a problem of occupancy, just restart the computer and change the name again).

Then look at the system service and open the corresponding service. First, the run window pops up with the win+ R key, then type “Services.MSC”, press enter, and find “VMware Authorization Service” in a pile of services, and right click to start the Service.

Then run the virtual machine.

I later run when there is a physical memory problem, this problem on the Internet to solve more, do not elaborate.

In addition, I did not use a specific way to solve the physical memory, just remember to change more than 200 memory into 500, other did not move. I don’t know if this change has any effect, but after a few minutes, when I am writing this article, there is no problem and I go directly to the CDLinux installed.

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