The solution to the problem that the virtual machine and the host SSH can’t connect on vmvare

vmvare hosts are often unable to SSH to each other due to configuration errors or upgrades of the host system and virtual system. Here is the author’s solution:

1. Enter the host and virtual machine to view the IP address, check whether normal IP address is assigned, window view IP command: ipconfig/all, Linux view IP command: ifconfig. If normal IP addresses are assigned, jump to step 2.

2. Check the connection mode of the virtual machine in vmvare. If it is NAT connection, please check whether the network segment of the virtual network card vmnet1(vmnet8) in the host is the same as the network segment of the virtual machine. Refer to other solutions on the web if you are in bridge or host sharing mode, etc.

3. Complete step 2, ping each other between the host and the virtual machine. If ping is not possible, check whether the firewalls of both parties are closed.

4. If SSH is not available after step 3, check to see if the SSH service and port number are working.

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