Quickly solve the problem of Vmware virtual machine “\\.\Global\vmx86”: the system cannot find the specified file

If your VMware virtual machine prompts this error:”

Unable to open kernel device "\\.\Global\vmx86": 系统找不到指定的文件. Did you reboot after installing VMware Workstation?
Failed to initialize monitor device.

Try this:
1. Shut down the virtual machine, download the green cracked version of Vmware and get the Vmware installation package
2. Unzip a folder, search for “vmx86.sys” in this folder, and copy
3. Enter this path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers, and search “vmx86.sys”. If this file exists, replace it (note that the backup is replaced)
4. Enter “Run” in the start menu: NET Start VMx86 and press OK;
5. Start the virtual machine and everything goes back to normal.

Note: This method is feasible for personal testing. Please refer to the network for some steps.

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