Nmap enumerates remote machine open ports

Nmap lists open ports for remote machines
Nmap Scan Technology View Zenamp Scan Port NAMP Scan Port from the command line
Domain name resolution using the specified DNS server Target host alive or firewall enabled (-pn parameter) Scan specific port range (-p)

Nmap profile
Nmap (Network Mapper) is used to discover hosts and services on a computer network to create a “map” of the network. To achieve its goal, Nmap sends a specific packet to the target host and then analyzes the response. We can use Nmap to detect the server’s live and developed services, as well as to perform security audits on targets.
zenamp: Graphical interface version of Namp.
The principle of
Determine whether the command line entered by Nmap contains the domain name. If it contains the domain name, it needs to use the DNS server for domain name resolution, and then send ICMP Echo Request to detect the host’s existence. Nmap will retrieve the machine information including the port information based on the packet returned.
Port state

STATE (port)



said port in the open STATE


said port closed


said port in the filter can’t receive the returned the probe STATE


said port received back to the probe, but can’t confirm


said port in the open or no filtering state


said port in the closed or filtering state
NMAP scan technology to view
nmap-h / mark> >
SCAN TECHNIQUES are part of the SCAN TECHNIQUES. The following scanning techniques can be used to bypass certain filters in certain scenarios to achieve the purpose of detection. The parameters should be selected according to the actual situation.

Zenamp scans ports
Once Zenamp is open, enter the domain name or IP you want to probe into the target.

The namp scan port on the command line
Kali bring namp, nmap to use under Windows, the installation is successful in his folder exists after zenamp namp command line version exists, in the folder of CMD into namp enter namp. Exe followed by the domain name or IP address can scan, need to know the process of scanning can use the enter key when can get the current scanning progress.

Use the specified DNS server to resolve the domain name
The domain name is resolved to the IP address by the DNS server before the NMap probe. We can also use the specified DNS server for the resolution.

Nmap — DNS-Sever DNS server IP address to probe the domain name

8.8.8 is the Google domain name server.
when detecting some specific domain, because inside the company set up the DNS server, and resolve the IP address to the site, there might be Google’s DNS server does not contain the domain name and lead to can’t parse, where you need to change the DNS server to resolve the domain name
Target host alive or firewall enabled (-pn parameter)
When we already know that the host is alive or that the firewall is enabled, we can use the -pn parameter to stop probing previous ICMP requests. The purpose of not triggering firewall security mechanism has been reached.

Scan specific port range (-P)
-p m-n can be used to specify all ports in the port range between m and n.

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