Change root to Oracle, and error: can’t open display: can’t open

If we find the error can’t open when we install Oracle Software display: :0.0   , probably   Display can’t find the graphic link library corresponding to, so you need to use export display =: 0.0 to make the system automatically find the matching graphic link library,

And modify the overall settings in/home/Oracle /. Bash_ The display parameter in the profile file is =: 0.0.

export DISPLAY= localhost:10.0

Use the xclock command to test the result, if it still reports an error.

Maybe it’s the root environment when the GUI logs in, and then you convert it to an Oracle environment, such as   su –   oracle   , This may also lead to this error. Error: Can’t open display:127.0..0.1 :0.0    
Suppose that the Linux account for installing Oracle Software is Oracle,    Then we need to log in to the GUI directly as an Oracle user instead of switching to Oracle after logging in as root,    We can set the VNC corresponding to the Oracle user (to install the user environment settings of Oracle)   , Then login VNC as Oracle user to install.

If there is a libxp type error, it may be that the RPM package of libxp is not installed.

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