Solution to flash back of MacBook Pro open software of M1 chip

Due to the ARM architecture, there are still a considerable number of Mac software not upgraded ARM architecture support can not run on the Mac computer with M1 chip. When opened on the computer with M1 chip, it may prompt [” XXX “cannot be opened because of a problem. Please contact the developer…]

However, most applications are compatible with the M1 chip, as follows:
1. Open Access, enter the application directory, find the software icon, right click on the icon and select “Show Profile”, or select the icon and press the shortcut key “Command + I” to open the profile;
2. Check “Open with Rosetta” and then open the software and run it.
About Rosetta
Rosetta 2 runs in the background every time you use an App built specifically for Macs equipped with Intel processors. Rosetta will automatically convert the App to work with the Apple chip.
In most cases, apps that require Rosetta will not show any difference in performance.
What software can be run through Rosetta?
To see if the application supports Rosetta, look at the type of “Type” on the profile:
The application (generic) means that the App supports both Apple chips and Intel processors and uses Apple chips by default.
The application (Intel) says that the App only supports Intel processors and requires Rosetta to run on any Mac with Apple’s chip.

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