Virtualbox failed to attach usb, VERR_PDM_NO_USB_PORTS problem solved

The problem described
my machine environment:
host kali Linux virtualbox version 5.0.x
Question why
Usb Settings should use USB 3.0, as if because VirtualBox doesn’t support anything else
Problem solving
Settings Go to USB Settings and select USB 3.0 but Invalid Settings Detected appears. Tip need to install the Extension pack. And go to the website to download the Extension pack, then warrant 5.1.1 version seems finally to version, so the final solution is to update the virtualbox.
but here are a few need to be aware of, update need completely remove clean before virtualbox virtualbox

apt-get remove virtualbox
apt-get remove virtualbox-dkms

After that, I used the official downloaded.deb file for the installation

dpkg -i virtualbox-5.1_5.1.6-110634~Debian~jessie_amd64.deb

Prompt lack of libvpx1 and libssl1.0.0
apt-get found that these two can not directly down,libvpx is related to libvpx3 and libvpx4, it seems that must be libvpx1 can, so there is no way, can only search libvpx1 and libssl1.0.0, here is my search to download the address
libssl1.0.0 download address
libssl1.0.0 download address
libvpx1 download address
and then respectively through DPKG After the -i installation, install Virtualbox-5.1 and open Discover USB is now available. The default is 3.0

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