Using Fiddler to capture mobile app

Use Fiddler to capture mobile APP package detailed tutorial
There were two very difficult problems in the process of grasping the package in the mobile APP with Fiddler. One was that the phone could not connect To the network after setting the proxy, and the download certificate on the phone always indicated that the download failed. The other was that the information of grasping the package on the Fiddler was all displayed as Tunnel To. It took a long time to solve, and now share it to let some novices walk less detours, maybe my method can solve your problem, may not solve it, but also provide a way to try.
To set the fiddler
1. Download Fiddler from the website and install it.
2. First configure Fiddler, open Fiddler, and then click Tools –>; The Options… – & gt; HTTPS, check and install the certificate as shown in the installation diagram.

3 4.

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3 4 Click the OK button to close Fiddler and reopen it again. At this point, the Fiddler part is set up in the normal way, followed by some Settings on the phone.
5. Here I use millet portable WiFi, mobile phone connected to millet portable WiFi, so that the phone and computer connected is the same network segment.
Set the cell phone
6. Go to the WiFi Settings page on the mobile phone, change the agent to “Manual”, and the hostname is the IP address

after the computer is connected to the WiFi network. Open the mobile browser, enter the address open http://ipv4.fiddler:8866, (because I set the port number is 8866), click in the page FiddlerRoot certificate, certificate of download. I have encountered a problem here, is the certificate can not download, keep telling download failed. Up to now, I have encountered two problems that are difficult to solve. One is that the download certificate in the webpage fails to download; the second is that after opening the APP on the mobile phone, all the packages caught in Fiddler are displayed as Tunnelto. Now, how do I solve these two problems
Solution to the problem:
1. Download Cermaker from the Fiddler website, download it and run the plug-in.
download address:

2. After the installation, we found that the TunnelTo problem was still not solved, and there is a new problem. On the mobile phone, open http://ipv4.fiddler:8866, instead, it shows No Root Certificate was found.Have you enabled HTTPS traffic decryption in fiddler yet?
3. So I tried the following solutions.
makecert.exe-r-ss my-n “CN= do_not_trust_fiddlerRoot, O=DO_NOT_TRUST, OU=Created by “-Sky Signature -EKU 1-cy Authority -a sha1-m 120-b 09/05/2012
If you want to run the fiddler, you can restart the fiddler
4. Then open http://ipv4.fiddler:8866 in the browser on the phone, download the certificate, download and install it successfully, open the test APP, and find that the packet was captured successfully. HTTPS can catch the packet normally, but HTTP still shows Tunnel to, but it does not affect the use.

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