How to Fix Pandoc wasn’t found.pdflatex not found on PATH

Nbconvert failed: Pandoc Wasn’t found resolved. Nbconvert Failed: PDFlatex Not Found on PATH resolved
Problem 1 Description
500: Internal Server Error
nbconvert failed: Pandoc wasn’t found.
Please check that Pandoc is installed:

Problem 2 Description
500 : Internal Server Error
nbconvert failed: pdflatex not found on PATH

1. Install pandoc
Download pandoc official download
Other available CSDN resources download address
click to install directly, the default installation is ok, you can choose the installation location.
then configure the environment variable to configure the installation path to the system path. For example, I put E:\IDE\Pandoc into the PATH.
2. Install miktex
Click installation directly, the default installation can be selected, and the installation location can be selected.
(if the program does not automatically configure environment variables) requires manual configuration of environment variables to configure the installation path to the system path. If mine is put E:\IDE\MiKTeX 2.9\ MiKTeX \bin\x64 in path.

3. Install various macro packages
Select Convert PDF

Automatic prompt to install various macro packages can be directly click to install (install several times, until the installation is complete…)

Can choose to remove the check box, each installation does not need popup, automatic installation, will be much faster, also save trouble.

Completed, you can successfully convert English content, including images, code highlights, and so on.

Attention! , but if it contains Chinese content, it will report an error, and the Chinese cannot be converted.
To solve the problem of unable to convert the Chinese method, others did not test the time of the follow-up Chinese support problems, personally solved after updating the content of the blog.

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