How to Fix Invalid bound statement (not found) Error

there have been many articles on the Internet explaining the possible reasons for this error, nothing more than the following:
1. Java method does not exist in mapper.xml, and then the method of executing Mapper will report the
. The return value of method is List, while the select element does not correctly configure ResultMap, or only configure ResultType
4. If you confirm that there is no problem above, please modify the corresponding XML file, such as deleting a blank line, save. 5. See if the XML configuration path of mapper is correct

error 2 treatment.

maven default would make all configuration files under the SRC/main/resources and SRC/main/Java under all the Java files packaged or published to the target \ classes here, but the reality we may under the SRC/main/Java also placed some configuration files such as hibernate configuration file or mybatis mapper configuration files, etc., if you don’t do some additional configuration, after that our packaging projects may find these must be a resource file, So add a configuration like the following to the POM.xml so that the XML file under SRC /main/ Java is copied to the corresponding class directory along with the Java compiled class file.



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